36 Pet Owners Who Are Doing It Just Right… #19 Has Thought Of Everything.

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A fine home for a fine dog.

You walk them, feed them, pet them, pick up their poop and carry it around in a bag - given the fact that so much goes in to pet ownership, it's hard to imagine something you wouldn't do for your pet. Even when they're naughty. Even when you're tired. And even when you're so fed up with their existence that all you can do is nod your head slowly at them in disappointment.

Still, there's a reason we go the extra mile for our pets. Their loyalty and love is unparalleled, and their happiness is our happiness. That's why these 36 pet owners have put their all into making sure their pets are loved, safe, and completely taken care of - even if that means doing something slightly ridiculous. Check out the photos below - #6 is just the sweetest thing you'll ever see.