Greatest Revenge Story EVER, Someone Should Give This Woman A Medal.

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Maybe the signs were there from the beginning.

A break-up is never easy. But it’s even harder when it comes with one partner being unfaithful, it makes the realization that the relationship is over that much harder. The person that was cheated begins to question their self-worth, wondering, when did the cheating begin? Why?

Overcoming a betrayal is a painful process to overcome for anyone. For couples who have been together for a long time, building their lives side-by-side, seeing their kids grow up and go off on their own, the assumption is to grow old together, and enjoy the older years and the fruition of their love.

One woman felt the rug being pulled under her when her husband of 37 years changed the course of their plans by announcing there was a new woman in his life and his decision to be with her.

Whenever a happy Julie popped in for a surprised visit at her husband Sam's work, the secretary seemed uncomfortable, standoffish. She was unable to make eye-contact. Julie did not think anything of it, the secretary was young and perhaps inexperienced.

Alexander Russy