Groom’s Reaction To His Bride Is Easily The Most Romantic Thing I’ve Ever Seen.

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It's the kind of reaction that most brides hope to get from their waiting grooms on their wedding days: One that's so raw, unfiltered, and unaware of the judgements of others that all it could really mean is one thing: Love.

Luckily, this groom's reaction was all captured on an amazing, moving film. Here's what the wedding videographers had to say about the experience:

"This has to be one of the most heartfelt, emotional bridal entrance's we have ever filmed. Gabriel & Annabella's wedding was spectacular from start to finish and we were so pleased to be part of their special day."

And when they say heartfelt and emotional, they mean it: This groom is so beside himself, he can barely keep himself standing. The bride does her best to keep it together (and to preserve her immaculate makeup), but the emotion shared between these two is impossible to ignore. See their heartfelt union in the video below.

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