12 Bad Habits That Might Actually Be Good For You.

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Do you often pee every time you're in the shower? Chances are that you've done this at some point.

We all have unusual habits that we don't necessarily like to share with our friends, family, or co-workers. Why? Because we've been told that these habits are downright disgusting. But it turns out that these seemingly "bad" habits that you've been too afraid to admit doing are actually good for you.

Still, you feel like someone's watching you when you pee in the shower or bite your nails. But at least now you have a reason not to feel so bad about being a royal mess! And how often does that happen in life? So here's a list of gross habits that could do you a lot of good.

If you're a serial shower urinator, then rejoice because the ammonia and uric acid in pee can get rid of and prevent fungal infections on your feet. You're also wasting less water and less toilet paper.

Steinar Engeland