Marine Meets Stray Dog In Afghanistan And Changes His Life Forever.

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It's not uncommon to see a stray dog walking around in the middle of a war zone.

When you're deployed in the middle of a war zone like Craig Grossi was in 2010, your spirit can take a real hit. Oh, you might say that Marines are trained to deal with volatile situations, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing. Ask any soldier and they'll tell you how terrifying, and depressing things can get very fast. But just when Grossi felt like he had nothing to smile about, something unexpected happened. He crossed paths with an adorable pooch and Grossi was blown away, but not by enemy fire or a landmine. He was blown away by the cuteness of his new four-legged friend as he wagged his tail.

In Afghanistan, soldiers often see stray dogs traveling in packs, but they aren't exactly friendly towards humans. In fact, they can get downright mean and aggressive. But that wasn't the case with this dog.

Craig Grossi