What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram.

You know the bachelorette party weekend hasn’t officially started until the bros get seriously dainty.

Ashley Hesseltine owns the blog Witty + Pretty, and she's all about style, beauty, makeup, and travel. She's clearly living her best life and she truly enjoys letting it all out and expressing herself on her social media accounts. But she often wondered what it'd look like if guys were to act like girls on Instagram, too. Thankfully for her, her BFF, Travis May, didn't let her wonder for too long. Along with her crazy-fun BFF, the two of them co-founded one of the most hilarious Instagram accounts ever - Bros Being Basic. Not only are these boys major #BffGoals, but they proved time and time again that boys really know how to have fun. And we can't help but feel #Blessed!

They’re so darn cute! These guys have a leg up on how girls bid adieu to their bachelorette days for good, and they're not ashamed of letting their hair down!