People Reveal The Most Annoying Things Their Significant Others Do.

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This girlfriend undoubtedly loves her boyfriend even though he can be such a baby sometimes.

We all have annoying habits, but we don’t often realize we’re doing them until we’re in a relationship. Thankfully, our significant others are able to overlook most of them, and we do the same for them because love conquers all. But during an argument, we let the love of our lives know how much we dislike the way they chew or the way they spend twenty minutes stirring their cup of coffee in the morning. Although there’s no such thing as a perfect human, the annoying habits on this list would drive even the most forgiving person up the wall.

He was sitting 5 feet away from her when he sneezed, but because she didn’t say “bless you” he had a hissy fit via text. Now he’s being overly dramatic and suggesting she doesn’t really care about him.

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