35 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier.

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Once children reach school age, many of them become so stressed out because of math that homework time is more of a therapy session.

There's really no denying that parenting has its ups and downs. It's so rewarding to watch your child learn something new, such as picking up their own toys. But when they're shoving peas up their nose and need to be brought to the emergency, you kind of start to doubt whether or not you're made for the job. Parenting doesn't come with a manual (although, it would be nice to have one called "How Not to Mess Up Your Children 101"), but as long as they're not burning down the house, it's safe to say that you're doing a solid job. All jokes aside, parenting isn't easy, so why not learn some great hacks to help you get through life's little lessons with a little more grace?

Instead of watching your child become more and more discouraged, try out this helpful hack. Learning the multiplication tables can be tricky business, but it's all about memorization. They'll be able to learn every time they walk up the stairs and you could turn it into a game, as well.

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