24 Pretty Hair Accessories That Literally Anyone Can Make.


Spike Barrette

It's summer and that usually means hot and sweaty days. For ladies with a full set of hair, it can be a struggle sometimes. You want your hair to look cute to match your cute summer outfit but unfortunately you always ends up just tying up your hair. It's hard when your hair actually makes you sweat and uncomfortably more hot than you should be.

What better way to keep your hair out of your face than with some cute DIY hair accessories that you can make on your own. Keep your hair in place and put together an overall look at the same time!

Now not all of these DIYs are to keep your hair entirely out of your face. We've also added a few DIYs that'll just make nice complimentary accessories to your hair. Choose one that you like and get to creating today!

Glue different sized spike beads to a barrette so that it makes an inverted triangle shape. This unique look with add a pop to any of your outfits.