Mom’s Response To Haters Who Criticized Daughter’s Hair Is Brutally On Point.

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All this 6-year-old wanted was a unique hairstyle.

Today, hairstyles count as an important part of your look and people adopt different styles based on their likings. It can be something donned by some celebrity, or someone's recommendation, or maybe some personal preferences. While many people like to take the safe road and stick to their safest option, there are some who enjoy experimenting.

Following the latest insane and even weird hair trends, people get themselves some pretty bizarre hairstyles like pastel hair colors, side cuts, etc. Such hairstyles involve certain risks as there is always a hitch that it may or may not suit you. But some people just love taking such risks.

Usually, adults have been spotted flaunting some weird hair trends. But this time what has really taken the internet by storm is a 6-year-old little girl from Florida who got herself a crazy and unusual hairstyle. A mother, who understood her daughter’s wish, gave it a beautiful face by dyeing the girl’s hair in beautiful 'teal' unicorn hues with yellow and purple patches. Unfortunately, she faced heavy criticism on social media.

Lyra, a 6-year-old girl, asked her mother to fulfill an unusual wish of hers. She wanted to have a funky unicorn inspired look with a cutting-edge undercut and urged her mother to give her one.

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