When Kids Cut Their Own Hair The Results Are Disastrously Funny.


You gotta be careful not to leave scissors laying around kids.

We are the most curious when we're young. Unfortunately, some kids are a little too curious. A parent should never leave a pair of scissors or clippers or a razor laying around so easily accessible. Being the curious creatures that they are, kids will more than likely pick up that tool and "experiment."

You'll see below that it actually happens quite often. Sadly, most of these kids instantly regret their hair cutting decisions after they take a glance in the mirror. Coming from an outside perspective looking in however, we just can't help but to laugh.

It doesn't look THAT bad, kind of just looks like messy bangs.


He knows what he did but at least he's still smiling?

He obviously doesn't care for humiliation.


She cut her own hair but tell me why this actually looks good?

It almost looks like she came straight out of a hip trendy hair salon!

laelia sky

When you turn off your electric tooth brush and then suddenly hear a different buzzing from the other room.

And find your 5 year old having some fun with the beard trimmer. At least no one was hurt.

Monica Gallagher Lamoureux

He wanted a mohawk and decided to use "daddy's brush."

Daddy's brush was actually daddy's clippers.

Elisa von Heimburg-Bryant

Well this is definitely a new hair trend waiting to happen.

I think you're onto something, Jimmy.

When you're a hairdresser and your client's daughter cuts her own hair.

Sorry, I don't think this can be fixed. Nope.


You're not ready for his big reveal.

Poor little boy decided to give himself a cut with his dad's razor.

America's Funniest Home Videos

When your daughter gives herself a haircut thinking that she looked fab.

And then realizes what a horrible mistake she made.

Stephanie Klindt Cook

Well this is definitely a look.

Good thing he's young enough to go bald again and regrow everything.


She got tired of her bangs so she cut them off.

If only hair was that simple.


Oh no, poor little girl looks like she's about to cry.

It's ok Lola! It will grow back... eventually.

Lacey Whyte

How should one react when waking up to this creation?

Should a parent laugh or cry in such a situation?

Ashley Sofield

She cut her own hair but it doesn't look like she regrets it!

Besides, she can pull it off as a fringe bang!

Apparently he wanted his hair to match his father's hair.

Looks like his dad could be Ed Sheeran!

Natalie Bradford LeBaron

She literally looks like she'e saying "whoops."

I mean, hair can grow back right?

He trimmed his eyebrows too short so he decided to cut hair from his head to glue to his eyebrows.

Child logic never makes sense.


Why do they look so guilty?

It's like they were a part of a dual crime in cutting their own hair and this is their mug shot.

Ronda Hess

When your daughter transforms herself into Joe Dirt.

I mean if that's the hair style she was going for, she nailed it.


This one definitely went to town with the front of her hair.

But it's ok, the unevenness makes her look edgy.