25 Before/After Photos That Prove Hairstyles Change Everything.

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This woman is literally a new person. She left behind the college version of herself for a modern woman.

Hair stylists are both artists and psychologists in one. They listen about our live's; the triumphs and fails, all while working their magic with their scissors. Sometimes we are so stuck in what we believe is our best style that we not only stifle the stylist's creativity but also do ourselves a disservice.

But every once in a while when we give these truly talented folks free reign, they transform us into better version of ourselves. Hair dressers can take years off our face without effort. The good ones instinctively know our potential.

This may explain why celebrities jump from romantic relationships like they change their mobile phones but they are fiercely loyal to their hairdressers. Once they have found that awesome stylist, they know no one else can make them look like a million dollars.

Now she is a chic trendsetter with uneven layers with this blond bob.