25 Before/After Photos That Prove Hairstyles Change Everything.


This woman is literally a new person. She left behind the college version of herself for a modern woman.

Hair stylists are both artists and psychologists in one. They listen about our live's; the triumphs and fails, all while working their magic with their scissors. Sometimes we are so stuck in what we believe is our best style that we not only stifle the stylist's creativity but also do ourselves a disservice.

But every once in a while when we give these truly talented folks free reign, they transform us into better version of ourselves. Hair dressers can take years off our face without effort. The good ones instinctively know our potential.

This may explain why celebrities jump from romantic relationships like they change their mobile phones but they are fiercely loyal to their hairdressers. Once they have found that awesome stylist, they know no one else can make them look like a million dollars.

Now she is a chic trendsetter with uneven layers with this blond bob.


Her long tresses were beautiful but they were not doing anything for her face.

Take off a couple of inches and you got a modern look. Her eyes and smile are the centre of attention now.


This woman looks beautiful with her long, dark brown hair.

But this blunt, short cut with long bangs screams rebel. We have a feeling this is a style she will keep for awhile.


This client had healthy, long hair but it had the potential for more.

Blonde highlights along an a-line long bob with layers is the perfect look to welcome in the warm weather.


Women with curly hair believe they can't ever sport shorter hair or risk looking like a poodle.

You just have to know the right person who knows how to cut and style those stunning curls.


Her hair straight long hair had a rich dark hue that made her look mysterious.

But these honey and caramel highlights, along with chopping off a few inches made this woman look younger and warm.

Ramirez Tran

Her long, blonde locks were in desperate need of a trim to get rid of split ends.

She didn't just get rid of split ends, she got a complete new, short do that highlights her natural beauty.


The long, full hair overpowering her face and frame.

Now you can finally see her beautiful eyes and amazing cheekbones.


This client went from looking good but not having fun with her look to a total transformation.

Her pixie cut is not just one length. She has various layers over to create this fun style.


Long hair can weigh wavy and curly hair down, making it look dull and boring.

Nothing a bob short in the back and long in the front can't fix.


Thin, wavy hair can sometimes be a real pain to style and maintain.

Using a straight razor to give her this pixie cut actually gives her more volume around the face.


For those that love long hair and just can't make the leap to cut it, all is well.

Trimming off the ends and colouring into a California, beach blonde is enough to feel like a new woman.

Ramirez Tran

Long hair seems to be the safe zone for a lot of women.

This long to short cut with a little bit of colour is all she needed to feel like a movie star.


Everyone needs to cut their hair short at least once in their lives.

This cut proves pixie cuts also work on clients with thick, wavy hair.


Rather than keeping hair super long, you can cut it and donate it to charities that make wigs for kids.

Getting a new do while doing something good for the community is always a plus.


Curly hair can be worn short and still look stunning.

Who has time to style so much hair anyways. She looks etheral and will be spending less time styling.


And if you really want to make the leap, don't just cut a couple of inches off.

Shave your head! No one is going to mistake you for a guy when you look like this!


Take a cue from the runway models and transform with a simple cut.

A tousled, pixie cut with long bangs screams fashion goddess.


If you are debating in cutting all of your long hair off, go bold.

Not only did she cut off over 10 inches, she got blonde highlights to compliment her features.


If you look hot with bangs, chances are a pixie is the ideal look for you.

She looked cute in her long tresses but with her pixie she looks fierce.


The standard college long hair has been replaced by a modern style.

A shorter cut with long bangs on one side is just the perfect, stress-free style.


When you give a haircut and the person in the chair looks completely different.

Her natural waves work to her advantage looking tousled and vogue.


Your natural hair structure may be compromised by being weighed down.

The stylist revealed the client screamed in surprise to discover she had curly hair. Who knew?


Forget blondes! Redheads are the ones having more fun!

This style is edgy and modern. Just the perfect makeover to feel like a million bucks.

Michael Christopher

When blowing drying your hair takes too long, it's time for a new style.

A more manageable and chic look that will take very little time to care for.