19 Kids Who Outdid Themselves On Halloween, #7 Is The Best Costume Ever.


The littlest, most murderous Chuckie.

You might find yourself totally stoked when Halloween comes around each year, but remember: For as excited as you are about the costume-clad, candy-consuming holiday, kids get to be 100 times more jazzed.

Naturally, the costume is the most important part of the kiddie Halloween experience, and their outfits are even better when their parents take it really seriously. Below are some of the best Halloween costumes we've seen on the internet, and the adorable kids who pull them off flawlessly. #15 is truly a masterpiece.

Walter White And Jesse from AMC'S Breaking Bad.

A wee Harry Potter and his three-headed enemy.

An iPhone with all the right apps.

A perfectly executed Edward Scissorhands.

The cutest Beetlejuice.

A Starbucks Frappucino and the barista who made her.

A deliciously adorable bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

Baby Chewbacca and Princess Leia.

A very clever take on a power loader.

A very broody Maleficient.

This cute green toy soldier will definitely make you smile.

Oscar the Grouch -- how does he move around in that thing?

Carl from the movie "Up."

This precious little roll of sushi.

You can tell he's proud of his gumball machine costume.

This Dalai Lama is super mellow.

A snuggly little bag of popcorn.

And finally, this perfect version of Groot From "Guardians Of The Galaxy."