18 Family Costume Ideas That Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween.

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You can never fail on Halloween with a classic like Harry Potter and his amazing friends.

Halloween’s almost here. Have you picked out your costume yet? Neither have we. But don’t worry. We have the ultimate list of families who nailed their Halloween costumes like total pros. By working off of a single idea, these folks managed to pull off the most creative costumes ever. All they needed was a bit of family love to make it work. So, take a look and prepared to get inspired because Halloween only comes once a year. You certainly don’t want to have your neighbor’s family looking better than you when you are out trick or treating. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling through these hauntingly cool costumes.

Your family can turn up the magic by dressing up as Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron Weasley, and Hagrid.