This Coyote Stole A Ball… What He Does With It Will Make Your Day.

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It may be hard to imagine but coyotes like to take time off to enjoy life and maybe catch a game of ball. The pack animal spends a lot of time hunting for food, particularly in the winter when food source is limited. One particular wild dog, however, was busy amusing himself. YouTube user Evnissyen saw a coyote playing with a ball in a neighborhood in Ontario, Canada.

The canine is seen taking a ball up a hill and rolling it down, only to repeat the play. Wildlife experts explain that the coyote may just be practicing hunting but it is also very common for this species to play just for the fun of it.

The video may help dispel the bad reputation coyotes have of being tricksters and deceitful. These animals rarely attack adults, nonetheless, it is recommended to keep a safe distance and keep children and pets away from them.

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