He Planted 6,000 Oak Trees To Make A Secret Tribute To His Wife.

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Winston Howes with his late wife, Janet Howes in 1960.

A devoted husband spent many years creating a special secret tribute to his late wife. Winston and Janet Howe got married in 1962. They spent every day of their 33 years together. When she died 17 years ago, Winston decided make a memorial for her by planting 6,000 oak trees in a six-acre field with a heart in the middle.

It was a private memorial for all these years until a hot air balloonist, Andy Collett, flew over it and photographed it.

The bottom of the heart points to Janet’s childhood home. Winston also planted daffodils in the heart center that bloom in the spring time.

Winstons said, “Once it was completed we put seat in the field, overlooking the hill near where she used to live. I sometimes go down there, just to sit and think about things. It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years.”

Winston Howes with his late wife, Janet Howes in 1994.

What a beautiful symbol of love. If you are touched by what Winston did for his wife, share this story with others.

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