25 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Wear A Helmet.


Sometimes you need to opt out for the full helmet.

Although it may seem like common sense to wear a helmet, many do not. There are so many different situations when helmets should be used, such as riding a bike or motorcycle, on construction sites, snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding. But some people want to feel the wind in their hair or maybe they don't feel as free with a helmet. Whatever the reason is, we're hoping that we can change their minds and put safety first by wearing a helmet.

Check out the photos below and you'll be convinced that a helmet is essential. Who cares if it ruins your hair or your appearance — your life is way more important than that.

If this person was wearing a skull cap on his motorcycle, the car that ran the red light and hit him would of left him with no lower jaw.


Is your life worth wanting to feel the wind against your face?

The answer is no. And if you think otherwise, you need to do some re-evaluating.


The helmet from a doctor's patient after a bicycle crash.

He crashed into a wall at 49 mph. How did he go that fast on a bike, we're not sure.


This helmet saved him when he hit a deer.

His bike is gone but he's still alive! That's what matters most.


This boy's bike helmet saved him from serious injuries.

He might have experienced death from the crash if he didn't have it on.


This person's helmet just saved his life.

But from what exactly? A shark?


That moment you realize the helmet saved your life.

Never hate on something that will make you stand between life and death.


Can you imagine what would of happened to this person if he didn't have his helmet on?

It definitely would have been a bad outcome.


The victim here got a concussion from a bike accident.

If you can still get a concussion with a helmet on, imagine what would happen with it off.


Helmets can and do save lives.

This could almost pass for special art work.


Just another daily reminder to always wear a helmet when on the road.

You never know what or who you'll encounter, like Wolverine...


If it weren't for this helmet, the victim would have had his face hit with a big chunk of concrete.

That duct tape though. Is it really helping?


There's no doubt here that this helmet saved the victim from a serious head injury.

Or in even worst matters, death.


He would of undoubtedly die without his cycle helmet.

Our prayers go out to this guy.


Always always always wear a helmet, folks.

Anyone else feel like they're being stared at by an eye in here?


You thought it was a fashion choice?

Nope, it's a "wear it or there's a chance you'll die" choice.


This one's an easy call.

Can't be more self explanatory than this.


And this is why we wear helmets even when skateboarding.

You never know what will happen.


Sometimes you look at the aftermath and it leaves you speechless.

This would have been deadly!


This one's a little more graphic.

The person in this helmet had his head take a big impact against a tree, directly hitting his face. The doctor told him he was lucky he was wearing a full-face helmet!


Bicycle riders need to wear helmets!

He got hit by a car while it was turning left and he flew into the windshield.


Skiing is fun but it can be dangerous.

Don't be that person who doesn't wear one for the sake of looking cool.


And this, kids, is why you always wear a helmet.

Couldn't be more straight-forward than this.


Helmets are needed out in the snow too!

Just because snow is nice and fluffy, it doesn't mean accidents won't happen.


This photo was shared by Orlando Police on Twitter.

This particular officer was saved because he was wearing his helmet when a bullet struck at his head.