Take A Peek Inside Jimi Hendrix’s Apartment… It’s 1960’s Awesomeness.

First, a photo of the man himself: He lived in a London apartment just one year before he died.

During the height of his fame, legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix lived in an amazing flat in London, located in the Mayfair neighborhood. He lived there from 1968-1969 (a year before he died), and today, the flat has been restored to exactly as it was when he was there. Commence groovy decor and rock memorabilia photos, please.

The restoration focused primarily focuses on Hendrix's bedroom, decked out in colorful fabrics, albums, and of course, a guitar or two. It cost millions to restore, and it's pretty amazing to see the flat as it once was. The exhibition opens to the public next Wednesday, but you can see photos from the space below.