Shelter Dog Hasn’t Found Anyone To Adopt Him, Ends Up On Tinder.


Miranda Morrison from Animal Ark Rescue, Inc was bummed that Henry hadn't found a home.

It doesn't matter if you walk on two legs, or on all fours. The truth is, finding love is tough. Fortunately, we've got the internet and smartphones to help us find true love. Just ask one dog by the name of Henry. He's a shelter dog, who hasn't found anyone to adopt him for three years. Now that's a bit too long to wait for a family, don't you think? Fortunately, the folks at Animal Ark Rescue, Inc in Columbus, GA were happy to help Henry set up a Tinder. Hey, if it helps humans find true love, or at least a date, then why couldn't the app help find him a new owner?

As the rescue's canine behavior and enrichment coordinator, it was Miranda's job to do whatever was necessary to give Henry a happy ending. So, she went on Tinder, the popular dating app, and set up a profile.

Animal Ark Rescue

Henry was lucky to end up in Animal Ark, which is a no-kill shelter, but he's still looking for a home.

Miranda has grown very close to him over the last three years. In fact, she told TODAY that "he is my favorite dog at the shelter." Is it possible that Henry and Miranda were already a love match, and didn't realize it?

Animal Ark Rescue

Miranda posted Henry's true age as 23, which is more or less accurate, at least in dog years.

He's also a graduate of obedience school, which is awesome because you wouldn't want to date a dog that's uneducated, would you? Besides, he's so cute that you simply can't resist him and he's quite a flirt.

If you love snuggling then Henry is certainly your kind of guy, cause he loves to snuggle.

Henry loves car rides, which makes him the perfect companion on a road trip. He also likes to swim, hike, and go on adventures, according to Miranda. But he doesn't mind snuggling with someone on the couch while catching up on TV shows.

Animal Ark Rescue

Miranda has already come up with the way that Henry's perfect date would be like when he gets one.

He'd run inside a car to meet his date, and then go on a romantic hike, that might involve swimming. Then they'd dine on the patio on sweet potato fries and chicken nuggets. Looks like Miranda has thought of everything.

Animal Ark Rescue

It looked like Miranda's hard work paid off as a woman named Chelsea started chatting Henry up.

If you thought that dogs weren't poetic, then you haven't met Henry, who has wooed Chelsea over with poems starting with "Roses are grey," cause animals see in shades of grey, and proceeds to enticing her with Netflix and Nuzzles for their doggy date.

Animal Ark Rescue

Ironically, Henry has gotten 14 matches, but he's not only the animal that's gone on Tinder.

There's a cool cat named Sterling, and is a college graduate! LifeLine Animal Project spokesperson, Karen Hirsch from Atlanta, claims that 22 kittens and dogs have posted a Tinder profile and the interest has been remarkable.

Lucky is also a member of the Lifeline Animal Project and he's pawsitively adorable, don't you think?

Hirsch believes that pets are quite appealing. Besides, after seeing swiping left or right through so many humans, seeing a cute dog is a refreshing site. In fact, already, Hirsch claims they've gotten one request for adoption.

**Go ahead and meet Henry! It'll melt your heart when you see how awesome and energetic he really is. Swipe "right" on love, and help this pup find a family, and a more permanent home!**