Handy Kitchen Hack For Fresh Herbs. It Will Take Your Cooking To The Next Level.

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As people become more and more interested in preparing food at home, food blogs have become increasingly more popular. One thing that bloggers have introduced to the home chef is the concept of interesting flavor pairings – that is, foods and spices that, sometimes unexpectedly, go together quite well. The concept of flavor pairings goes well beyond the classics: Think less “PB&J” and more “maple sriracha waffles.” Basically, food is getting more interesting, and plenty of home chefs are willing to take more risks when preparing their dishes.

One popular food blog, Personal Creations, has created an amazing herb and food pairing chart. The combinations on this chart might surprise you, but are also incredibly delicious. This chart comes just in time for spring and summer when many people are growing herb gardens in their homes or apartments. Herbs are incredibly versatile – parsley goes with so many things, and quite simple to grow and maintain. In fact, it’s as easy as apple rosemary pie.



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