Hero Climber Risks His Life To Save Two Dogs Stranded On Mountain.

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Mountain climber Scott Pilling noticed something odd on top of Mount Helvellyn in England.

Scott Pilling knows how treacherous the snow conditions can be at the top of the third highest mountain in England. Then again, it's one of the thrills of mountain climbing, and he loved it every minute of being up there. But he wasn't worried about his own well-being. He was worried about something, or rather, someone else who seemed to be in distress. Everything was all fine and dandy until the mountain climber noticed two dogs trapped on a peak full of snow. The lives of the pooches were in jeopardy, but then he decided to do something that turned Scott into a hero.

It seemed like two dogs were trapped way up on the 3,117-ft high mountain. Upon further inspection, he saw that the pooches were under a ledge. Now he had to figure out how to save them from the chilly conditions.

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Scott had noticed the signs from 27-year-old dog owner Colette Kilroy, of Liverpool, who lost her dogs.

Colette had been out walking with Lilah and Cash on an otherwise uneventful Sunday when she had become separated from the pooches in the Lake District during a whiteout. Soon enough, she started placing posts, hoping someone had seen her pets.

Scott, who's a coach builder, wanted to help Colette find her missing dogs before going home.

He planned to return home to Horich, Lancs, on Tuesday morning. But first, he had a very important mission. But given the weather conditions, he hoped the dogs, who had gone missing for 48 hours, had survived the chilly, snow-filled weather.

After reading about Colette's search on Facebook, Scott jumped into action to find the dogs.

Scott was on the Swirral Edge exit on hard ice when he had spotted the dogs by chance when the fog started to lift right on time. Lilah and Cash were under a large corniced ridge on the east facing side of the slope.

He then managed to make a call to mountain rescue, but it was strangers who lent him a hand.

The strangers, who were walking by, helped him to drop over the top of the snowy edge on a rope in order to reach the dogs. He was practically dangling thousands of feet but was absolutely fearless and filled with determination.

Fortunately, Cash was the first dog that Scott had managed to grab and bring back up right away.

Lilah, on the other hand, resisted being rescued at first. In fact, it took Scott five attempts with the help of the strangers to bring Lilah back to safety. But in the end, the dogs were safe, and Scott was deemed a hero.

Scott had done plenty of mountain climbing in Nepal and Russia, but this was by far more challenging.

While he had a 20-meter rope to use in case he found them in the valley below, he wasn't expecting to try a rescue attempt from underneath the mountain cornice. It didn't help that the bigger dog was shielding the smaller one from the cold weather.

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It was heartwarming for Scott to see how the dogs were caring for each other while trapped.

Despite being kept warm by the larger dog, the smaller dog had icicles throughout its fur. The tiny pooch was chilly, but with a bit of rubbing and some TLC, the dog seemingly bounced back and started roaming around everywhere.

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There were no words to express how happy Colette was to have her dogs back in her life.

She also met three off-duty firemen, who reunited her with Lilah and Cash. Colette only spoke on the phone with Scott but told him that he was a guardian angel to her dogs and a hero in her eyes, and she'd never be able to thank him enough.

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