Meet The Dog Who Became Famous For His Amazing Water Rescue.

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Dogs can save lives. After proper training, they can learn to be service dogs or even work for police canine units. Occasionally, dogs will shock us with the incredible things that they’re capable of doing. These times show us how unbelievable dogs’ instincts truly are. Take, for example, what happened to this man from New York, and his dog.

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Mark Freely is from East Setauket, New York, and is a personal injury lawyer. He also loves animals. He lives with his two dogs - an English golden retriever, Storm, and a border collie, Sarah. He also has a rabbit named Speedo. Even though he loves all of his animals equally, Storm has his heart. He was there for Sarah when she was settling in, and he even lets Speedo hang out on his back. His gentleness tends to get him in a bit of trouble, though.