Watch This Cute Kid Hiccup His Way Through The Entire National Anthem.

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Ethan Hall might only be seven, but he already knows the famous phrase in the entertainment industry, “the show must go on.” Whether it’s a headache, the flu or hiccups: a true professional knows that the audience is expecting a performance.

Ethan had the responsibility of singing Australia’s national anthem before a baseball game. The boy got the case of the hiccups while performing though. In the clip you can see the players and umpires trying to control their giggles.

Instead of letting this uncontrollable spasm throw him off, the young Aussie sang like a pro. After he completed his song, Ethan got the cheers from the crowd and high-fives from the Australian Baseball League players. He may just have fallen in love with being adored by fans.

It makes you wonder if today’s pop artists would have handled the drawback with such grace.


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