He Found A Hidden Cemetery… The Secrets It Contains Will Blow Your Mind.

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Many people go to Los Angeles with the hopes of catching a glimpse of their favorite celebrities, trying to spot them at places like Nobu or their favorite green juice bar. But there's one place you can go in the city where celebrities are guaranteed, with one caveat: They're no longer with us.

We're talking about the famed Westwood Village Memorial Park, the final resting place for celebrities from Marilyn Monroe, to Dean Martin, to Frank Zappa. But despited the cemetery's iconic place in LA history, there is a lesser-known area of the grounds that not many people know about. And that's where adventurous YouTuber Adam The Woo has recently decided to take us.

Hidden away from the street is what he calls the "Secret Hidden Celebrity Cemetery," The final resting place of stars like Truman Capote, Walter Matthau, and even the unmarked grave of Roy Orbison. The video is definitely worth the watch if you're into celebrity history -- and even if you're not, it's worth it to find out what hilarious quote Rodney Dangerfield has on his tombstone.


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