Before He Died He Left A Secret Note, What It Said… I’m Actually Jealous.

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When a loved one passes away, family members question whether that person felt happy and loved. The person could have been known to have lived a joyous life, still, it is hard not to wonder if everything that needed to be said was. Reddit user Foxgott16 made discovery of a message left by a husband named Mason to his wife Becca.

Mason was 51 years old when he passed away this year unexpectedly. His wife found a love note written on her workbench. He made the romantic gesture in the hopes that Becca would one day find his declaration of love. This was his testament of his feelings for her.


My dad passed away on February 26th at the age of 51 from a ruptured artery. He made this workbench for my mom when she got into metal engraving. His note reads: "I love you Becca. Whatever day this is, I hope it's a good one. God truly answered my prayers the day he gave me you. I know that these days are the best I'll ever have, and I'm glad you're in them. I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, but if you do, just know that I love you very much. If there is one thing want in life, it is to be as good to you as you are to me. If I can do that, I'll be the happiest man alive. - I love you beautiful wife. - Mason


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