It Looks Like An Ordinary Bookshelf, But It’s Hiding A Secret That Will Make You Jealous.


This looks like an ordinary dresser in a children's room...

Hidden rooms inside of houses may call to mind fantasy novels and movies where the many plot point is magic, but in reality, more houses have them then you'd think. In fact, even if a house doesn't have one, it's not that hard to build: All you need is a little space, a little construction experience, and a cleverly placed bookshelf or two.

The 31 homes and buildings below all have incredible hidden rooms. Some were built at the same time as the house, and some were added for a little extra hidden charm. Either way, after you're done looking at these photos, having a hidden room in your house will be a new life goal.

...but it opens up into a secret playroom!

This cool hidden room is behind a bookshelf (and inside a steamboat!) in Springs, Colorado.

This office space has a secret pub inside.


There's a secret passage to "Narnia" behind this piece of furniture. Naturally, it's a wardrobe...

an actual functioning wardrobe...

...and it really does look like Narnia inside.

One man has his entire home office hidden behind a gothic bookcase... looks like something out of a movie...

...seriously, who is this guy?

This is a cozy personal office space...

...but it opens up into another personal office space (for darker, more mysterious business).

This dark wood bookshelf conceals the passageway into the basement.

This passage was built into fully-functional cabinets.

It looks like the home of an avid book collector...

...but it turns out he also collects guns!

The Modern Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii hides its lobby bar behind a giant bookshelf.


A library that extends beyond its shelves, into a separate reading area.


This toy shelf looks pretty normal...


...But naturally, there's something behind the middle shelf.


Whoa! This bookshelf rotates and opens up to a hidden den.

This bookshelf moves and reveals a passage to another part of the house.

This library wall opens to reveal a hidden dining room.

This is called "Holly Blacks Hidden Library." Check the next photo to see what's inside.


The more hidden bookshelves a house has, the better.


This day bed is actually hidden inside a cozy closet.

Wouldn't you love to have this sunny reading room behind a bookshelf?


An entire hidden bathroom, tucked behind a gorgeous wall.


Bookshelf passage in a house in Portland, Oregon.

A carpeted nook like this would be the perfect place to read.

This spiral staircase is totally concealed by a movable bookshelf.

The living room has a little play nook hidden behind a wall.

And these kids' rooms are connected by a secret (and awesome) passage.

This child's bedroom has an additional hidden playroom.

This reminds us of Harry Potter: A little room underneath the stairs.

This cozy guest bed is tucked under a wooden eave.

These toy shelves disguise a child's living room.


There's an entire guest bedroom behind this wall of books.


A wine cellar hidden by a wine display.

Inside this book rotunda is a cozy reading nook.