13 Buried Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found.

Forest Fenn's Treasure

We've all heard tales of explorers looking for hidden pirate treasures and sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean filled with gold and silver. While a lot of these tales are nothing more than myths, some of the stories seem to be a bit more credible than an old mountain man's tall tales. Keep reading to discover some of the world's most fascinating stories of hidden treasures, pirates, and murder.

According to experts, around 10 years ago, an 85-year-old gentleman named Forest Fenn hid an estimated $3 million worth of jewelry, gold, and artifacts in a small chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. In a strange poem entitled The Thrill of the Chase, Fenn shared clues as to the location of his treasure, inspiring thousands of people to go on a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, some people were even killed during the adventure. To this day, no one has found Fenn’s supposed treasure.