24 People Who Got Really Creative With Their Christmas Cards.


Going through a break-up right after the cards are printed? No worries. Just put a sticker over their face and you won't have to answer any questions.

It's that time of year again, ladies and gentleman. It's the time of year to put on your cheerful pants and get into the holiday spirit. Some people are singing Christmas carols while driving in their car to work. Some people are looking for the perfect tree to put their presents under. And others have just finished sending out their Christmas cards. While most people like the traditional type of card, you know the one; a nice family photo with "Happy Holidays" written on it. Other people like it get a bit creative and silly. Take a look at these undeniably funny cards and maybe you'll be inspired to put a little spice in your own card, too!


This little girl knows exactly how to handle things. Might want to keep a close eye on her, though, she seems a bit irrational.


The holidays tend to make people feel a bit crazy, a bit psychotic. Best to just go with the flow.


It's not Christmas until someone shoots out an eye.

Amanda Earles

I'm sure that Snoop Dogg would love to see that he was replaced by a cuter dog.


This is the perfect way to say "Merry Christmas" to your parents when they're nervous about you living alone for the first time.


Ever since Photoshop came out life has gotten a lot more interesting.


"Merry Christmas, we're gonna rob your house!"


I'm pretty sure this guy's family is just as confused as we are.


I don't ever remember hearing about a Christmas hedgehog. Maybe Sonic knows something about this.


This postman certainly has enough holiday spirit for everyone.


There's no need to let everyone know that your spending Christmas with your plants. Take a page from this girl's book.


You could also just make up an entire family. No one will ever notice.


Talk about a creative family. You better start thinking about next year's cards. This family probably already has you beat.


Nothing says love like a man and his chicken.


I'm wondering if he should be referring to his daughters as that. Well, to each his own.


Unfortunately, someone had to do it.


This is what Christmas is about, after all. Jesus would be proud.


There's no such thing as being alone when you have such a great love for pizza.


"Here's my baby face planting. Merry Christmas from our family to yours." OUCH!!!!!!!


People feel a lot more cheerful during the holidays. He's not a stalker, he's a secret admirer.


This is honestly pretty accurate. Most cats do believe they are of a godly nature.


Santa and his elves were the naughty ones this year.


They have a tradition of doing unique Christmas cards in Norway.