They Just Released This Drone Footage Of The Himalayas… And It’s Jaw Dropping.

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Have you ever dreamed of seeing Mount Everest or fantasized about hiking through the peaks and valleys of the Himalayas? This video, by Teton Gravity Research, might be even better.

The aerial HD footage was shot from about 20,000 feet, giving the viewer an unprecedented look at this magnificent landscape - arguably a more awesome vantage point than what you'd have if you were hiking through it.

The video was shot with the GSS C520, which is one of the most advanced cameras in the world. The camera was attached to a helicopter and manned by a crew who were given supplemental oxygen to withstand such high altitudes. The helicopter and camera were able to capture some of the most high-resolution shots ever produced at this altitude. The top of the Himalayas has never looked better from the ground.

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