Can You Identify All 36 Of These Historical Events? Most People Can’t Get More Than 25.


Whose funeral procession is this: Princess Diana, or John F. Kennedy Jr.?

How well do you know your history? Well enough to be able to identify a photo by the specific place and time it was taken? What if you were given a choice: Would you be able to tell photos from the great wars apart, or identify an image from V-Day vs. D-Day?

If you're up for the challenge, you're going to love this list.

Below are 36 moments from the past, along with two choices for where each one came from. See how many you can guess correctly. When you're done -- or when you're ready to cheat-- check out the answers at the end of the post. #36 is a tough one.

What event was responsible for these graves: The Rwandan genocide, or the Gulf War?

Is this the aftermath of the Great Depression, or the Great San Fransisco Earthquake?

Is this moment from the bombing of Israel, or the moment NASA's Challenger exploded.

Is this boot print from the Mars landing, or the Moon landing?

Is this a scene from Occupy Wall Street or the Great Depression?

Is this an image taken during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, or after the Kent State massacre?

Who is being captured here: Osama bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein?

Is this moment from the attack on Pearl Harbor, or America's war in the Pacific during WWII?

Is this hectic image from the London bombings, or is it Germans tearing down the Berlin Wall?

Did this photo surface after a major breakthrough in cloning technology, or a cure for mad cow disease?

Is this iconic kiss from V-J Day or D-Day?

Is this a lifeboat from the Titanic, or a group of refugees trying to paddle to America?

Was this portrait taken during World War II, or the Great Depression?

Does this photo depict: The crowd at the Woodstock Music Festival, or a refugee camp?

Is this image from the US Civil War, or World War I?

What's happening here: Billy Jean King talking to the president, or Sally Ride, the first American woman in space?

Does this photo show: The location of the DC bombings, or the Watergate scandal?

Is this the Hindenburg disaster, or a another blimp crash in Germany?

Whose first flight is this: The Barnum Brothers or the Wright Brothers?

Is this photo from: The Chernobyl disaster, or the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans?

What is happening here: The assassination of M.L.K., or the assassination of J.F.K.?

Is this: Pearl Harbor, or D-Day?

What's captured here: The execution of Bonny and Clyde, or a test shot on a bulletproof vest?

Where was this taken: Vietnam during the war, or Tiananmen Square in China?

Does this depict: The Great Chicago Flood, or a scene from American Prohibition?

Is this moment from: The Kent State massacre or the U.S. Civil Rights Movement?

Is this: The bombing of Hiroshima, or a bombing in North Korea?

During which MLK speech was this taken: Emancipation Proclamation or I Have a Dream?

Which Victory Day is this: Europe, or the United States?

Is this photo from: Ground Zero on September 11th, or the Boston Marathon bombing site?

Is this situation room reaction from: September 11th or the capture of Osama Bin Laden?

Is this an image of: The vote count for F.D.R's election, or Wall Street during the stock market crash of 1929?

Does this scene depict: Raising the flag on Iwo Jima, or officers raising the flag at Ground Zero on September 11th.

Is this the swearing-in ceremony of: Spiro Agnew or Lyndon Johnson?

Which river is catching fire in this photo: The Cuyahoga River, or the Chicago River?

1.Funeral Procession for Princess Diana 2. Rwandan Genocide 3. Great San Fransisco Earthquake 4. The Challenger Explosion 5. Moon Landing 6. Occupy Wall Street 7. U.S. Civil Rights Movement 8. Capture of Saddam Hussein 9. Pearl Harbor 10. Tearing Down the Berlin Wall 11. Dolly the Sheep is Cloned 12. V-J Day 13. Sinking of the Titanic 14. The Great Depression 15. Crowd at the Woodstock Music Festival 16. U.S. Civil War 17. Sally Ride, The first American woman in space 18. The Watergate Scandal 19. Hindenburg Disaster 20. Wright Brothers First Flight 21. Chernobyl Disaster 22. Assassination of J.F.K. 23. D-Day 24. Invention of the Bullet Proof Vest 25. Tiananmen Square, China 26. American Prohibition, Detroit 27. Kent State Massacre 28. Bombing of Hiroshima 29. " I Have a Dream " 30. Victory in Europe Day 31. September 11th 32. Capture of Osama Bin Laden 33. Stock Market Crash of 1929 34. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima 35. The Swearing in of Lyndon Johnson Aboard Air Force One Following J.F.K.'s Assassination 36. The Cuyahoga River Catches Fire

How many did you get correct? Write your results in the comments section below.