Fox News Anchor Hilariously Applauds Texas Rescue Workers For Sharing Water.

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When Hurricane Harvey ravaged the coast of Texas and left its capital of Houston severely flooded, people around the country gasped and wept for those who may have lost their homes, their lives, or were simply struggling to stay afloat in the midst of a terrible flood.

Naturally, Harvey's aftermath turned into a media frenzy, but even in a situation as serious as this one, there's always a chance someone might make a serious goof. Just ask the reporter on FOX26 News who thought three men floating on a raft were displaying a heartfelt moment as they shared water with each other. That is, until her co-anchor decided to call her out on her short-sightedness and point out that what they were pouring into a bottle cap was more than H20. But it did help to emphasize one important thing that all survivors should take into consideration, and that is to grab what you need, and no, that doesn't include booze.

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