This House Was Printed In 3D For Less Than $4K.

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Austin based company, ICON, has figured out how to print a single-story 650-square-foot home in less than 24 hours.

There are approximately 1.2 billion people in the world that don't have appropriate housing. This is an extremely large problem that needs to be fixed. Fortunately, there are people all over trying to find ways to put an end to this heartbreaking dilemma. One company from Austin, Texas, may have found the answer to this harrowing predicament we're in.

Using the Vulcan printer, homes can be printed for around $10,000. The company plans on getting that number down to $4,000 in the near future.


One of the three ICON founders, Jason Ballard, will use the trial model as his office to see its practical use.

Eventually, though, they want to create a community of 100 homes in El Salvador. ICON teamed up with a non-profit company that's invested in finding solutions for international housing problems.


The non-profit, New Story, has invested countless hours towards buildings homes for those in need.

“We have been building homes for communities in Haiti, El Salvador, and Bolivia," said Alexandria Lafci, co-founder of New Story.


The model they are using has a living room, bathroom, bedroom, and a curved porch!

“There are a few other companies that have printed homes and structures. But they are printed in a warehouse, or they look like Yoda huts. For this venture to succeed, they have to be the best houses," says Ballard.


Unlike most printed homes, which use plastic, ICON has decided to use cement, instead.

Using cement will eliminate any concerns potential tenants would have about the sturdiness of the structure. "I think if we were printing in plastic we would encounter some issues," said Ballard.


ICON says their 3D-printed houses will create a minimum amount of waste.

Using a 3D-printer also greatly reduces the costs of labor. Unfortunately, that could ultimately make the construction labor unions pretty upset.


ICON plans to eventually build their homes in the United States.

Which is great, considering that on any given night more than 550,000 Americans are sleeping on the street. Hopefully, ICON continues to make great progress to help out those in need.


**ICON has made the 3D-Printed home that could end the problem of homelessness in the world.**

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