27 DIY Projects To Add Value To Your Home, #22 Is So Important.


Make your walls stand out with stencils.

Selling a house is perhaps one of the most stressful times in an adult’s life. How do you make your nest more appealing than your neighbors'? Just because you enjoyed your home and think it’s worth a certain amount, it does not mean the buyer agrees with you.

Real estate agents and interior designers report there are a couple of things people can do make their house stand out from the rest. Small fixes around the house can increase the value of a home by 16%. You may question whether it’s worth making the effort but the reality is that most home buyers want to move in to a new place that requires very minimum change.

The most important improvements people prefer are: open plan living, updated kitchen, bathroom renovation, improved flooring, lighting and a new fresh coat of paint. In addition to upgrades, don’t forget to keep the house clutter free and clean.