Homeless Man Asked Foster Family To Adopt His Dog, Ends Up Getting A Huge Surprise Instead.

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This is Robert and his precious furbaby, Meaty.

Everyone struggles. There's no denying that. Unfortunately, a person's struggles can put them into a dire situation, such as being homeless. Keep reading to see how this homeless man was in such a desperate situation that he tried to find a foster home for his beloved dog, but what he received was an unbelievable surprise instead.

Robert adopted Meaty at the Sacramento Animal Shelter earlier this year and they instantly became best friends. Unfortunately, life threw Robert and his family some curve balls.

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You see, when Robert adopted Meaty he had a home, a career, a family, and a master's degree.

Before they knew it, Robert and his family were being evicted and they were homeless. Most shelters don't allow dogs, so Robert ended up staying in his car with Meaty.

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Eventually, the situation was too much on Robert, so he went back to the Sacramento Animal Shelter to ask if they could help.

Robert asked them if there was any way they could help find a foster family for Meaty until he got back on his feet. The sad moment was captured on film and it was seen by the shelter's manager, Gina Knepp.

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It broke her heart to hear Robert's story, so she decided to do something to help.

Not only did she pay for three nights at a dog-friendly hotel for the family, but she also made a plea for help for the family.

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**She hoped the video would help Meaty find a temporary home until the family was doing better.** Robert spoke on the video, hoping someone would want to help out Meaty. "I think that pets are very important to homeless people. They really are. I mean, they’re their companion. They’re company, they watch their back, they’re an extra pair of eyes and ears … I came here with hopes that I could find a foster family (chokes up) to care for Meaty until we can get on our feet again …," he said.

The video was shared and viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Their story pulled on people's heartstrings. The video brought Robert the help that he and his family needed.

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$5,000 was raised for their family, but one anonymous donor really pulled it all together.

She heard Robert's heartbreaking story and offered to allow Robert, Meaty, and his family to stay in a home of hers that had been vacant for a long time. Everyone's donations provided them a few months of rent, utilities, groceries, and plenty of food for Meaty. Thanks to the people that helped, Meaty gets to stay with the humans he loves, and Robert and his family have some time to get back on their feet.

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