Emotional Photos From 50’s Hong Kong Are Strangely Moving. #3 Gave Me Chills.


Award-winning photographer [Fan Ho](https://www.facebook.com/fanhophotography/timeline?ref=page_internal) moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1949 when he was a teenager. The bustling Hong Streets streets filled with vendors and rickshaw drivers fascinated him and he spent much of his time snapping photographs. His subjects were not always very happy about getting his attention. Back then many people were superstitious and believed the camera would capture their spirit. The 83-year-old explained to the South China Morning Post, “ *With a knife in his hand, a pig butcher said he would chop me. He wanted his spirit back.*” Fan Ho’s photographs will be published in his new book [*Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir*](http://modernbook.com/store/fanho.html).

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