If You See This In A Public Washroom LEAVE Immediately And Call 911.

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The coat hook on the wall looks inconspicuous at first glance. They look like ordinary hooks but are meant for a far darker purpose.

As technology moves at the speed of light with new products and gadgets meant to make our lives easier, there is also a dark side. With every new product that is released in the market, there is a good number of individuals using them to hurt and violate others as well as engage in criminal activity.

One example is the spy camera. Hidden inside a wall hook is a tiny camera that records people in the bathroom, hotel rooms, and change rooms. Women in particular have been recorded while in the shower or changing without their knowing.

What adds to the terrifying scenario is the fact that these spy camera hooks are accessible and easy to purchase by criminals. You want to take a look at these seemingly innocent wall hooks.

Notice the double hooks. These are not usually the standard in coat hooks.

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