Using Just 4 Short Phrases He Transformed A Ward Of Criminally Insane.

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Dr. Hew Len studied under Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona after she healed his daughter.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona was a kahuna lapa’au, a healer from Hawaii. She spent her life teaching hoʻoponopono, the ancient Polynesian form of reconciliation and forgiveness. Hoʻoponopono believes every problem you have is not because of someone else, it is because of you.

Simeona taught this ancient tradition to United Nations personnel, hospitals, and universities. Her method is not about taking blame for the problems you face, it is recognizing that you are the person who can resolve it. Part of the process in hoʻoponopono is telling yourself “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.”

Saying these words will allow an individual to cleanse himself of toxic thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is about allowing positive thoughts and energy into the mind, body, and heart. Although critics may suggest this method is not applicable to modern day problems, others have seen firsthand the benefit of using hoʻoponopono.

Len's daughter had suffered from shingles for a decade before Simeona healed her.


In 1984, Len began working at the Hawaii State Hospital for the criminally insane.

One unit in particular had hardcore criminals who committed heinous crimes like rape and murder.


Staff and patients had to be on alert as violent attacks were a common occurrence.

Patients had ankle and wrist restraints and many were never allowed to go outside for fear of increased violence.

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Within three years of Dr. Len's arrival, patients' restraints were taken off, violence reduced, and once hard-core criminals were allowed off-site visits.

Finally, the psychiatric high-security unit was closed off.


The surprising fact is that Dr. Len never actually met with any of the inmates.

He read every file of every patient but that was where his physical interaction ended.

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Instead, he practiced ho’oponopono daily.

"I didn’t heal them. I healed part of myself that created them," explains Dr. Len.

This goes hand in hand with Simeona's past teaching of having to "experience by yourself what you have done to others."

Simeona believed that the baggage and emotional turmoil people carry today are "things we had brought with us from other lifetimes."


By taking accountability of our own life, then the problems around us begin to dissipate.

Len who does not see himself as a kahuna like his mentor Simeona, believes problems are internal rather than external. Len believes humans project what is inside themselves.


How can you apply ho’oponopono to your life?

Think of the person you are not getting along with, imagine yourself giving love and support, and forgiveness. After you have healed, let that person go, complete as many times until you stop feeling hate or anger towards the individual.


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