There’s A Secret Room On Planes That The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know About.

The flight crew has these very snugged thin mattresses and pillow they can go to for a little snooze.

Flight attendants always look so polished and beautiful. Regardless of how long the flight is the women’s makeup looks fresh while the men look like they just came from a tanning session. Regardless of the long hours on their feet attending to demanding and often rude flyers, the men and women are experts at disguising any sign of exhaustion.

There are many rules and regulations that have to be followed before a flight attendant even considers sitting down for a couple of minutes. Contrary to popular belief, the crew is not just there to serve you a cold beverage. They go thru extensive training in CPR, first aid, security, emergency landing, hostage situations, and defibrillation, all while they have a smile on their faces.

Here is a look at behind-the-scenes you don’t get to see when you are travelling. Next time, maybe smile and say thank you to the airline crew, they deserve it.

Notice the limited height space available.