The Insane Story Involving 3 Women Named Emma And A Brewery.

Our story takes place in the historic Alamo country, in the bustling Pearl District of San Antonio, Texas.

Thanks to shows like American Horror Story and Ghost Hunters, fans of the paranormal are coming out of the woodworks in search of the next great scare. Hotel Emma may not be crawling with the spirits of serial killers like they do in American Horror Story: Hotel, but it definitely does have a dark past of its own. Keep reading to discover the truth behind Hotel Emma and its original owner, who found his death at the end of an illicit triangle of pleasure, deceit, and pain.

In the middle of this popular tourist destination, is the fine establishment known as Hotel Emma. What was once a 19th-century brewery, Hotel Emma is now a luxurious hotel that has reportedly left many guests with an uneasy feeling in their chest as they lay down to sleep at night.