The World's Most Extraordinary Hotel Bathrooms.

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The Malmaison in Birmingham, UK will make you feel like the ultimate rock star!

Usually, we tend to think of all of the amenities that a hotel has to offer, and that includes the overall look of a room. But rarely do we pay that much attention to hotel bathrooms. Don't get us wrong. A nice bathtub, luxurious sinks, and a toilet that's got plenty of leg space is something we look at too. But it's certainly not the first thing we think about. However, these bathrooms from around the world are unlike anything you've ever seen before. In fact, they are visually so spectacular you'll probably want to book a room with a bathroom that will guarantee a lot more than simply getting you washed up.

Whether you loved the disco theme of the 70s or you have a thing rock star-themed rooms, you'll definitely want to stay in the Nirvana Suite. Not only do you get a mirror-tiled jacuzzi in the bedroom itself, but a disco ball and psychedelic lighting that will put you in the disco mood!