Watch This Inventor Riding A Homemade Hoverbike That (Sort Of) Works.

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Colin Furze’s bicycle is totally different from everyone else’s. For starters, his bike does not pedal or break, it hovers above ground and flies short distances. Furze is a plumber, turned YouTube inventor whose latest creation according to him has been the hardest to build so far.

The hoverbike is steered with the help of two accelerators and two engines. Furze has no formal engineering training but loves to build things from his garage like the longest motorcycle and fastest mobility scooter, all of which have earned him Guinness World Records.

Based in Lincolnshire, England, Furze’s invention took two weeks to complete after his followers requested him to make it. This may be a prototype but with over seven million views in less than a week, Furze may have to start manufacturing his own hoverbike line.


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