High School Seniors Paint Their Own Parking Spots, And It’s Awesome.

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The parking spots could be on whichever topic the student preferred, and some of them are truly impressive.

Across the country, high school seniors have graduated and moved on to university, jobs, and other bigger and brighter things. Usually, when a graduating class leaves a high school with a gift or commemoration to remember them by.

But some schools across the country do something a little bit different: They welcome their new seniors to the school with the chance to make their mark in the form of a customized parking spot -- and what they did with them is absolutely mind-blowing.

The photos below are of parking spots from high schools in West Orange High School in Florida, as well as James Bowie High School in Texas. The painted parking spots are wonderfully created, paying homage to all things beloved by high school students, from music to movies to their favorite snacks. Check out some of these awesome works of art below -- some of these kids just might have art careers in their futures.

Martha Caldera