Mom Learns What Dad Does With Baby When She’s At Work…

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Tomeoni who is also a video producer made a time-lapse video capturing the day's activity with Xavier.

It is a hard thing to do for moms, leaving the kids with someone else to take care of while you go to work or run errands. That other person might be a devoted father who is just as invested in the well-being of the child as the mom. Still, as much as women trust their partners 100 per cent, there is still a feeling that no one can take care of your baby like you can.

Emio Tomeoni wanted to give his wife a little peace of mind when she is at work and he is at home with their son Xavier in Kansas City, Missouri. The couple and their 21-month-old made the move to this new city for her new job. Tomeoni works from home so he can enjoy the luxury of being with his son during the day.

“I would tell her how much of a disaster the house would be, and how much fun we had - but she's one of those ladies that need to see things to believe them,” explains Tomeoni.

In the beginning of the video, the house is spotless. As time progresses, father and son can't seem to have enough toys out.

The video begins after Xavier wakes up from his nap.

It reveals four hours of playing cars, blocks, giggling, and cuddles.

For lunch, Xavier enjoyed turkey hot dogs and apple sauce.

Tomeoni says his wife loves getting a glimpse into their lives when she is away.

"I wanted to show her something to make her smile," says Tomeoni.

Xavier and Tomeoni spend a little time playing music on the keyboard.

Stephanie also gets to see just how messy the house actually gets with just the two boys around.

"I’d tell her that the house was a disaster and that I was tired by the end of the day,” he says. "She’d just say, 'Good, good.' She didn’t understand because she came home to a clean house."

Xavier and Tomeoni's video of the two hanging out and playing together has gone viral.

Tomeoni has a simple explanation why people love the four-minute clip.

"All you ever want to do is show people who you really are. You can't do that with words. You can't tell people who you are. You have to show them. And it takes time," he says.

Tomeoni also believes "people like seeing people do peopley things with the people they love."

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