Great Dane’s Reaction To TINY Baby Goose Is Hilarious.

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Hugo probably has no idea he is an imposing Great Dane. It is no surprise this is one of the tallest and biggest breeds in the canine world. Nonetheless, the 14-month-old is highly intimidated by a tiny and fluffy gosling.

Darcy is a four-day-old bird who is not shy, on the contrary, he is a chirpy and curious creature. As Darcy attempts to communicate with the large pup, Hugo smells, rapidly retrieves, and hides for what he deems to be a terrifying animal.

Great Danes may be gentle and easygoing but fearful is not usually a trait. This dog may need to get over his concerns of his new roommate soon. In about two to three months, the gosling will begin to fly, making him that much more intimidating. In the video, it is clear who is in charge in this budding friendship.

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