This Real-Life HULK Actually Exists, And His Photos Are Gloriously Angry.


This is Sajad Gharibi.

Don't make him angry. You won't like him when he's angry.

Okay, that might be true for the Hulk himself (after all, the man just loves to smash), but when it comes to Iranian bodybuilder Sajad Gharibi, the intimidation factor is mostly on the outside. According to those that know him, he's as sweet as can be. Still: We totally get the Hulk comparison, because this guy looks like an in-real-life version of your favorite green comic book character.

There's no telling how long he's been at the workout game to get muscles like this, but we can see that he is more built than most guys can ever dream to be. Bulging biceps, meaty thighs, and a neck with an absolutely huge circumference (if you'd even call it a neck at all), Gharibi knows how to get his body to the extreme. Find out more about this muscleheaded unicorn below.

But across the Internet, he's know as the "Iranian Hulk." Looking at this side-by-side image, it's not difficult to see why.


He's 24 years old, and weighs over 175 kilos -- that's just about 385 pounds.

He's pretty popular on social media, taking photos of himself and his workout/diet routines, inspiring body builders across the world.


If "Iranian Hulk" doesn't work for you, some people also call him "Persian Hercules."

We're content just calling him what he is, which is absolutely huge.


Gharibli is able to lift huge weights with ease, and his muscles are a force to be reckoned with.

There's also the matter of him being so muscular, he doesn't have a neck. Well, he has one -- but it's just muscle.


He built his body to an extreme level for the sport.

Most bodybuilders can't get to this level, so Gharibi is kind of an anomaly in his industry.


He's got 59,000 followers on Instagram.

Which is particularly hilarious because it's mostly just topless photos fo himself. Apparently, people are into it.


Would you just look at this guy?

There is literally no part of him that isn't muscle -- even his hands look like little balls of lean protein.


Sometimes, he shows his softer side.

Apparently, the man likes to relax with a can of Fanta, just like the rest of us.


He also shares photos doing regular things.

Although we've got to wonder what kind of car would be comfortable for a guy like this.


His friends and family say that you shouldn't be intimidated by his size.

They claim that deep down, he's a real sweetheart.


Sensitive on the inside and tough on the outside?

Wow, he really IS like the Hulk in real-life.


And no matter how sweet he is, one thing is for sure.

We're definitely still intimidated by him anyways.


But seeing his smile makes us slightly more comfortable.

In a photo like this, he just look likes a regular guy -- a massive, physically confounding regular guy, but a regular guy nonetheless.


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