Watch This Hummingbird Fall In Love With The Dog Who Saved Her.

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Gernon leaves his windows open knowing that Hummer is ready to fly away, but she still loves her human and canine.

Ed Gernon had his work cut out for him when he adopted Rex, a German shepherd mix. Rex lived on the streets for years, depending on his aggressive, hunting abilities to fight other dogs and kill cats. Everything changed one year ago when Gernon and Rex were out for a walk.

The canine stopped and would not leave a tiny bird with no feathers, covered in ants. The California resident took the sick hummingbird home and fed her formula every 15 minutes. Hummer is now healthy; she has learned how to fly with the help of Gernon and a hair dryer. All it took was a miniature bird to turn Rex into a softie.

"This fragile creature that the whole world wanted to kill and he was trying to protect her so I thought I'd go the distance," says Gernon.

->**Hummer likes to keep Rex in line.**<-

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