On This Russian Lake Walking On Water Is No Miracle… Especially For Adorable Huskies.

Fox Grom loves taking photos of his two Siberian Huskies Alaska and Blizzard. What was supposed to be another day out in Kirovsk, Russia, turned out the to be the perfect opportunity for Grom to capture photographs that defy logic.

Grom watched as Alaska and Blizzard frolicked on a frozen lake in northern Russia after it had rained. His four-legged friends were running on ice with water all around them, providing the optical illusion they were walking on water.

The all-terrain vehicle driver admits he is always taking photos of his dogs, but this time it was extra special. As he considered the imagery to be an “incredible phenomenon.”

You may be wondering if being on a frozen lake, in cold water may be too much for Alaska and Blizzard. No need to worry, Huskies are made for this weather. The playful breed has the ability to brave temperatures as low as −58 to −76 °F.