A Romantic Artist Drew 12 (Surprising) Reasons Why He Loves His Partner.

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Relationships can be complicated. It’s easy for a person’s personality traits to be seen as just plain annoying and eccentric. All it takes, however, is that one person to see the real you and understand those characteristics as quirky and adorable behaviour.

The Russian illustrators behind Lingvistov have released their new series 12 Reasons Why I love Her. Their cards are filled with heartfelt and sweet messages to go along contrasting sketches. This just explains that love is complex, exciting, and difficult to explain. Instead of trying to change, it's better for people to wait for the person that has 12 reasons and more to love them.

You may see your loved one or yourself in a couple of these cartoons. There is no doubt my husband loves me for my über cooking skills. I am certain of it.