27 Genius Things You Can Do With An Ice Cube Tray.


Mini fruit popsicles.

Most refrigerators today have automatic ice makers. So what do you do with the plastic ice cube trays that are taking up space in your pantry?

Below, we have listed many ideas for the use of these supposedly obsolete items. You will read how to store everyday items such as jewelry and craft supplies, as well as how to make drink enhancers. We have also put in a few recipes for such decadent items as chocolate-covered strawberries and martini flavored ice cubes. Let your mind wander and think of the possibilities for more uses of your old forgotten ice cube trays.

Combine fresh fruit with any fruit juice and freeze. Put a toothpick in each tray for a popsicle or add the frozen delight to you favorite beverage.


Frozen yogurt smoothies.

Freeze Greek yogurt in your ice trays. In another ice tray freeze your favorite fruit. When you need a quick smoothie without all the ice chunks in it, put 4 yogurt cubes, three fruit cubes, a little coconut milk and then your favorite sweetener and blend. Try putting a little vanilla flavoring in to give it a little pop.


Crazy crayons.

Take your small and broken crayons, melt them together and let them harden for some fun, colorful drawing.


Frozen homemade pasta or pizza sauce.

Make your favorite pasta sauce and place it in the ice tray and freeze. The next time you want pasta with a nice homemade sauce, but are strapped for time, pull out your frozen cubes and thaw. By the time your pasta is done cooking, your sauce will be ready.


Seed starters.

For this genius idea, you will need a drill, starter soil and seeds.Drill a small drain hole in the bottom of each compartment to allow for drainage. Fill the tray with soil and plant your seeds.


Organize your jewelry.

A great way to organize your small jewelry. Each item has it's own spot and the trays can be stack for optimal space usage.


Frozen breast milk.

Freeze your excess milk in ice trays for convenient storage.

Coffee ice cubes.

Tired of watered down iced coffee? Try freezing coffee in your ice cube trays and adding it to your cool coffee and presto..No more watered down ice coffee. You can even add a little liquor and really spice things up!

Frozen chicken stock.

Freeze your bone broth or chicken stock in ice cube trays for use later, either plain or with some vegetables and have a great, warm snack.


Sunburn relief cubes.

Fill your tray with aloe vera and the next time you have a burn, rub the cool, pain relieving cube on the affected area.


Chocolate covered strawberries.

To make these decadent delights, merely fill each section about 2/3 full of melted chocolate and place the strawberry. Also try this with cherries.


Garbage disposal cleaners.

Place a couple of lemon wedges in a tray and cover with vinegar. Toss a frozen cube in your garbage disposal and turn it on. The lemon and vinegar will clean the disposal as they get ground up.


Mini chocolate covered cheesecake poppers.

This delicious, yet simple, recipe calls for the tray to be covered with melted chocolate. Then the cheesecake mix is put in and covered with the remaining melted chocolate.


Peanut butter cups.

Put a little melted chocolate in each tray, cover with a mixture of peanut butter, graham crackers and honey. Then cover the mixture with more chocolate and freeze.


Cookie dough bites.

A great way to control your inner cookie monster. Simply freeze your cookie dough, and when the urge hits for a cookie, you only have to bake one (or two) at a time.


Dishwasher detergent tabs.

Mix baking soda, borax, salt, vinegar and lemon oil. After they freeze, pull them out and let them dry hard. Add one to your next load with three drops of liquid cleaner and pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the bottom of your washer. You will be amazed at how clean your dishes get...and no more cloudy glasses.


Paint palette.

Neat and separate. All the colors of the rainbow in your tray, and it's easily washable.


Frozen egg whites.

You just made a recipe that calls for egg yolks and wonder what to do with the whites..freeze them. You will find that about two whites will fit in one tray and you will have a ready supply when needed.


Chocolate ice cubes.

Pour a mixture of milk, sugar, coffee and chocolate into a tray. Place the frozen cubes into a glass of milk and enjoy. For a different twist, add the cubes to some ice cream.


Blueberry martini jello shots.

If these sound to good to be true, they are. Heat your favorite vodka, some simple sugar and gelatin. Put some blueberries in the bottom of each tray, pour the vodka mixture over top and freeze. Please eat responsibly!


Wine ice cubes.

Ever have leftover wine and you don't know what to do with, me neither, but if you do, freeze it. Then add the cubes to a dish you are cooking or in a glass with more wine and a little fresh fruit and have a delicious sangria.


Ice cube tray sushi.

Making your own sushi can be difficult. Try this simple hack to become an expert. Coat the tray lightly with water and press in your rice, creating a hole in the middle. Flip the tray over and tap out the rice cubes. Fill the center with your favorite raw seafood and veggies and you have delicious, homemade sushi.


Frozen pesto.

Place your homemade pesto into the ice trays and freeze. When you need some for a recipe or to add to your frozen pasta sauce, thaw and combine.


Frozen buttermilk cubes.

Don't waste your leftover buttermilk, again. Pour the buttermilk in the trays and freeze. I recommend measuring the amount in each compartment, so when you thaw and add to your recipe you know how much buttermilk you are adding.

Craft supply storage.

Store your craft supplies in ice cube trays. It will not only keep them separate, but they can be stacked for space conservation.


Herbs frozen in olive oil.

Pack about 2/3 of your favorite herbs and 1/3 olive oil into each tray. Freeze and store. They are great for soups , stews or just add to your skillet with onions and garlic for a great start to any dish.


Make your own baby food and freeze it.

Processed baby food is expensive and not as nutritional as homemade. To make your own and freeze the leftovers is an easy and cost effective way to feed and nourish your child. Many fruits and vegetables should be cooked prior to pureeing them. Afterwards, put the remaining food into the ice cube tray and freeze.