I Can’t Believe What He Did To Rescue This Duck.

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A man saw a duck trapped below ice in a lake in Norway. The duck was barely moving, clinging on to life.

Would you jump into a frozen lake? I wouldn't do it even if I was offered a large amount of money. This man from Norway did just that, except he did it to save a helpless duck. What a great guy!

It was probably diving down for food and got stuck coming up in a different place under the ice.


He realized that the duck desperately needed his help fast. So he took his clothes off...


And jumped into the icy waters, risking his own life in order to save the helpless duck.


He wrapped the duck in a towel and warmed his little body up.

All thanks to this incredible human being with the really crazy beard.

You can tell he appreciates it... just see for yourself.


Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity Mr. Norwegian!

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